Adding the “E” to OP(tical) ART

Everything seems to get electrified these days. E-mobility, E-payments, E-cigarettes …. Why not E-Op Art?

With 21st century technology (Excel-Calculations; CAD; electronic image processing) I bring back the beauty of optical art “Op Art” (known from the 60’s/70’s/80’s in the last century). With increased precision and complexity, I even try to raise this art to a higher level. See for yourself. Some of my works can be admired here at the Gallery.

Different stages in creating electronic op art.
How to create Electronic Op Art.

Unlike the “old” Op Art my works are not only generated entirely electronical; these works are also transferrable on everyday objects. My electronic pictures can not only be printed on canvas, they can also be used for print on metallic Alu-Dibond material or acrylic glass. There is a wall calender, phone cases, mugs, cushions, towesl, background images etc. available just like you would get from a snapshot of your last holiday. So, if you like, what I am doing, don’t bring my art into the museum, bring it into your life instead!

sample projects, using electronical op art
sample Projects

adding the E-op art to YOUR LIFE

My art is much more affordable, than you might think. Some full scale prints on canvas are limited to a small number (certificate included), signed and durably sealed for 500 € plus shipping.

For your commercial use, I can rework any of my pictures to match your Corporate Design colours.

I am also open for your ideas. So e.g. if you are a rock band and want to use some of my graphics for your light show or backdrop, just let me know and we can work something out.

Please contact me for all your questions or queries

  • Stefan Müller-Lufft – Mysterious Lines
  • Freelance Artist
  • Anne-Frank-Str. 3
  • 71229 Leonberg
  • E-Mail:  E-artist (at) E-OP.ART (please replace (at) by @)
  • Phone: +49 (0)7152 909121
  • Fax: +49 (0)7152 909122

to make your project come true.


Upcoming Events

Galerie am Laien in Ditzingen

Between September 22nd 2024 and October 20th 2024 I will fill my first little museum. You will be able to see my art in a public exhibition in the Galerie am Laien. Opening hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM and Sundays 2:00PM to 5:00 PM.

Running Events

Permanent loan

Three of my pictures can be seen in the ath – autohaus temiz & hocke. All of them are prints on canvas, sized 80cm x 80cm. The “X Hex”  and the ”180° Series No4”  are located in the ground floor; the ”Sandglass Figure”  is located in the first floor.

Event Archive

Leonale12 (9th to 30th of July 2023)

At the “leonale 12” of Galerieverein Leonberg e.V., I was presenting the “Reddish Pentahex”, a digital print on truck tarpaulin, sized 2m x 2m. I am so prod, that my work has been mentioned in the opening speech.

The Artist “Mysterious Lines” at the Leonale12
Mysterious Lines at the Leonale12

Höfinger Kunstmatkt (August 13th 2023)

As one of 57 exhibitors at the 24th Höfinger Kunstmarkt on Sunday, 13th of August, I was presenting digitally printed, signed and varnished canvases and DIN-A3 calendars.

Mysterious Lines at the 24th Höfinger Kunstmarkt
Mysterious Lines at the 24th Höfinger Kunstmarkt

Ditzinger Krämermarkt (October 10th 2023)

Another chance to present my art to the public, and to sell pieces to interested individuals. Thank you very much for all the interesting discussions.

Mysterious Lines at the Ditzinger Krämermarkt (10th of October 2023)
Ditzinger Krämermarkt

Böblinger Martinimarkt (10th of November 2023)

With Christmas coming closer I used the atmospheric surroundings of the Martini Markt in Böblingen to present my Art in public again.

Böblinger Martinimarkt (11th of November 2023)
Böblinger Martinimarkt

Adventszauber – Böblinger Weihnachtsmarkt

Between Wednesday, November 29th 2023 and Sunday, December 3rd 2023 I was selling digitally printed, signed and varnished canvases and DIN-A3 calendars at the Advendszauber in Böblingen. Thank you for all the interesting discussions.

Böblinger Weihnachtsmarkt Adventszauber (29th of November 2023 until 3rd of December 2023)
Böblinger Weihnachtsmarkt Adventszauber 2023

For more background information about my artistic career see the “about me” page.